Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy

In the world of pebble overlays, the majority of installations consist of pebbles mixed with epoxies. We have found a superior product to replace epoxies for this application. Aliphatic Polyaspartic! We put forth 5 reasons why Polyaspartic is a superior material when compared to epoxies for this type of application. Flexibility: Epoxies cure to become […]

Decaying or Failing Utility Vault? Repair It, Don’t Replace It

Under the streets of our cities lay miles of subterranean raceways of electrical wires, communication wires, and conduit connected by underground vaults. You don’t see them, many people don’t even know they are there. These vaults vary in size from 6’ wide by 7’ deep by 12’ long, to vaults triple that size with multiple […]

flexKRETE – Repair, Don’t Replace

Nothing lasts forever – unfortunate, but so true. As durable as concrete, asphalt, steel, and wood are, they need care, maintenance, and replacement at some point. For decades, certain repairs to these surfaces were not possible for several reasons. Perhaps the repair material simply wouldn’t hold up, as it would not be able to adhere […]

flexKRETE – Repair Trip Hazards

Trip hazards are an eyesore, and more importantly, they are a liability issue that needs to be addressed as soon as they appear. There are a variety of ways to remedy the danger. A few of the most common are to remove and replace (the most expensive), grind the higher side down to the level […]

flexKRETE Columns

These are before and after pictures of one of four columns that support a slide structure at a local North Las Vegas swimming pool. The before picture clearly shows the extent of the damages caused by the chemicals in the pool water. These chemicals attacked the concrete, as well as the rebar, causing extensive damage […]

flexKRETE – Tack on Curb

Tack on curb is widely used due to its low cost and its quick installation time. This type of curb is used in a variety of locations, but the two most common are parking lots and landscape features. Both take abuse from vehicles and equipment such as cars and trucks to push and riding mowers. […]

flexKRETE – Stair Repair

Stairs are a costly item to replace, so repairing them is definitely the way to go. The problem is that up to this point, you could only patch them. flexKRETE has changed this; you can now actually repair stairs. In the past, the materials used to patch large chips like these would expand and contract […]

flexKRETE – Repairing Overpasses

This past week flexKRETE was called into service by the Nevada Department of Transportation to make repairs on the underside of the Tropicana overpass on I-15. The underside of the overpass was damaged when a northbound truck, in the number 1 lane, struck the leading edge of the structure, removing a wedge of concrete approximately […]

flexKRETE – How to Apply (Decorative Overlay)

flexKRETE – HOW TO APPLY A DECORATIVE OVERLAY Overlays. What is a decorative overlay and how can it save money? A decorative overlay is generally a thin layer of material used to cover concrete, asphalt, steel or wood and give it a decorative look. flexKRETE is the perfect product to use as an overlay on […]

Welcome to the World of flexKRETE

JES Supply Company would like to welcome you to the exciting world of flexKRETE, an innovative concrete, asphalt, steel and wood repair system. In the coming weeks, I will be posting news about flexKRETE, as well as “How To’s” and “Where To’s” along with pictures and descriptions of repairs made on concrete, asphalt, steel and […]