JES Supply Co. Offers the Best Structural Repair Products for your Projects

Concrete, asphalt, wood or steel – horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces are easily repaired using FLEXKIT with great success and longevity.

Manholes and Potholes

Cracked and damaged concrete collars can be repaired without removing any concrete, saving time & money, while reducing the amount of time traffic disrupted.

Street Pothole, feather-edged. In street traffic, edges should be keyed-in” and joint retained.

Highway Rumble Strips filled with FLEXKIT. They are only 1/2″ deep and are feather-edged on all sides.

Steel wheels of a dumpster destroys concrete all the way down to the rebar. It was then filled & feather-edged with FLEXKIT.

Joints & Valves

Armor Joint repaired on turnpike bridge. FLEXKIT withstands the constant pounding of car and truck traffic. This lane was closed for ONLY TWO HOURS, including the welding crew.

Joint Repair. Many times, movement at joints causes edges to pop out. Joint repair is made easy with FLEXKIT, and can be opened to traffic in as little as 10 minutes.

Sidewalks and Curbs

Curb Repair. FLEXKIT is a quick, affordable and durable way to repair damages to monolithic poured curbs.

Street drain repair. Hospital Entrance. Damaged by turning buses and trucks. Troweled by hand, without the use of forms.

Sidewalk Repair completed in minutes, adding an additional 15 to 20 years of service life to this sidewalk for half of its replacement cost.

Bridge Decks & Columns

Bridge Header Joints are subjected to the constant impact of truck and car traffic, vibration, expansion & contraction. FLEXKIT adheres to concrete, asphalt & steel.

Bridge Spall Repair Prep, clean and prime

Building Walkway deterioration at corroded rebar, repaired, and broadcast.

This is one of four columns that were attacked by chemicals which caused the deterioration of the concrete and rebar. Structural repairs were made in less than one day using FLEXKIT.

Floors and Stairs

Bathroom Floor. Vinyl chips were used with FLEXKIT to upgrade the floor in this public bathroom.

Warehouse Floor, repaired and sealed.

Spalled Floors at Lowes. Easily repaired with high impact and abrasion resistant FLEXKIT.

Stairs in an hour. Children’s Medical Center These stairs were back in service within an hour after completion!

More Stairs. Massachusetts Institute of Technology entrance Steps.

STAIRS. Broadcast repair with FLEXKIT.

More Before & After Photos

City Street Expansion. FLEXKIT ¼” – 1” deep for busy street.

FLEXKIT vertical repair on a highway barrier component. Painted within one hour!

North Las Vegas Demo. Asphalt Patch completed in minutes and ready for traffic.

FLEXKIT Gutter Repair. Quick, easy and cost-effective.

Boat Deck. FLEXKIT application.

Steel grates. Supports have crumbled and FLEXKIT replaces heavy duty angle iron.

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