About flexKRETE

flexKRETE is a strong, fast-set, concrete repair system, with phenomenal adhesion characteristics. It becomes about three-times stronger than concrete, is unaffected by road salts and freeze/thaw conditions, and can be returned to traffic in less than an hour!

  • Use it in deep holes, feather-edge or overlays
  • It’s non-toxic, has very low odor, and, with FlexPrime, can be used to repair damp or green concrete
  • It will also cure at temperature far below 0°F., making it perfect for freezer rooms or any cold weather applications
  • It has the toughness to withstand extreme abuse without breaking apart or popping out
  • Some of the most severe, yet successful applications, are on streets and turnpikes, bridges, concrete joints, in freight terminals, with the scraping and crushing brutality of loaded forklifts, and on loading ramps, decks and walkways

You can now repair concrete, asphalt, wood or steel—on horizontals, vertical and overhead surfaces, with great success and longevity. The only way is the flexKRETE way. Call JES Supply Company, Nevada’s exclusive distributor at (702) 580-8617 to purchase tools, product and for a list of approved installers.

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